How To View Somebody’s Text Messages

Have you ever wanted to look over someone’s text messages?  Been curious what they were saying to someone or who they were communicating with?

If so, today I’ll show you the easiest way to see someone’s texts without that person knowing that you’re reading them.

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How to View Somebody’s Text Messages

One thing that I quickly learned when I first got started in the surveillance industry was that if a “spy” tool isn’t discrete, there’s just no point in using it.  And this is partly what makes mobile phone spying software so impressive to me.  You can use it without worrying about the other person finding out that you’re “watching them”.


If you want to view someone’s texts, then you will need to use a mobile phone monitoring program such as Mobile Spy.  You can install this on any phone within a few minutes and from that point onward you’ll be able to see everything from the phone….

To view the person’s texts all you do is login to your account (it’s a website that you get a username and password for when you download the software) and you’ll see all the person’s texts – sent and received.


And along with being able to see the person’s texts from their mobile phone, you’ll also see:

- Details on all their web browsing

– Instant messaging

- A list of all phone calls made or received

– Any pictures or videos taken with the phone

- Where they have been (there’s a mobile phone tracking feature that tracks the location of the phone)


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You don’t ever have to worry about the person knowing that you’re reading their texts because the software is invisible.  It can’t be seen when it’s installed so you’ll be the only person that knows it’s installed.


Go check it out!

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