How To Install Spybubble

One question I’ve been getting a lot is how do you install Spybubble.  It seems like this is the mobile phone spying program that many readers are considering, but they want a bit more information on how to install it.

First off, I should say that I don’t work for Spybubble so I’m not really an “expert” other than the fact that I’ve used and tested the program many times.  For complete details you can always visit their site:

Click here for complete details >>>


Spybubble installs itself pretty much the same way for every phone.  So whether you’re using a Blackberry, Iphone, Android based phone or something else, these instructions should apply to you.
As a side note – and although it’s pretty much a guarantee these days – I should point out that the phone itself needs to have access to the internet for Spybubble to work.  Pretty much every phone out there has internet access, unless for some reason the customer has specifically asked for it to be cut off.


To install Spybubble and to be able to spy on the person’s cell phone activity, all you need to do is the following.

1) Open up the mobile browser on the phone.

2) Type in the web address that will be given to you when you register for Spybubble

3) Press “accept” or “yes” to any type of pop-up that comes up asking about if it’s ok to install

The program will then install itself onto the cell phone.  You really don’t have to do anything else – the installer takes care of everything.


And the program is completely invisible when it’s installed on the phone.  You eon’t be able to see it or notice that it’s on the phone once it’s been installed (and obviously neither will the phone’s owner)

When you register for Spybubble you’ll get full installation instructions along with pictures that walk you through this easy process.  What’s nice is that they’ve included instructions on how to install Spybubble based on what type of phone you’re using it on.

It’s a ridiculously easy process that won’t take more than a couple of minute to complete.

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