Does Cell Phone Monitoring Software Work On The Iphone??

If you’ve wondered if the Iphone can be monitored with cell monitoring software, the perhaps there’s someone that you want to monitor that owns the Iphone.  Of course Apple has it’s very own operating system that isn’t used on any other cell phone brand, so it’s not unusual that some people wonder if cell surveillance programs are compatible with it.

To make a long story short, yes you can monitor an Iphone!

For example, our recommended software makes it easy to see what someone else is doing on their Iphone.

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Obviously the companies that produce cell surveillance programs want to be able to appeal to as many customers as possible.  Therefore they’re going to make sure that the software works with as many phones as possible.

And with so many people owning the Iphone, it’s no surprise that making their software compatible with it was a priority!


Now I should point out that for SpyBubble to work, the Iphone typically has to be “jailbroken”.  This isn’t a difficult process and obviously there are directions as to how to do this.  Don’t be intimated by this term.


SpyBubble is definitely the easiest of the cell monitoring programs that I’ve used when it comes to monitoring an Iphone.  I strongly recommend taking a look at it.  With it you can do all of the following:

  • See the person’s text messages (in full and you can see sent and received messages)
  • Listen to actual phone calls from the phone (in the PRO version)
  • Look at photos taken on the phone
  • See what websites the person has visited on the phone
  • Look at the location of the phone at any time

These are just a handful of the features – see them all here


The Iphone isn’t going away and cell phone monitoring companies recognize this.  You can count on them to make sure that their software works with the Iphone and that people who want to spy on an Iphone have a way to do so!