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See every text message, phone call and all other activity from any cell phone

Completely invisible mobile phone spying tool – can’t ever be detected

Find out everything that someone does on their phone without ever needing to touch the actual phone

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Read Anyone’s Text Messages and See Everything

Else They Do On Their Mobile Phone, Blackberry

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If you could see everything that someone does on their phone, you’d instantly know exactly what they’re up to and what’s going on in their lives.  After all, people use their cell phones for every these days….

Texting, phone calls, web browsing, facebook messages – mobile phones are used to communicate in so many ways.

And that’s what makes mobile phone spying so powerful.

If you can see everything that somebody does on their phone then you’ll have the “inside scoop” on what they’re doing.  And it gives you an easy way to get the answers you need in certain situations.

For example, being able to spy on a mobile phone would quickly let you find out:

  • Is your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on you?  Being able to see all their texts, phone calls, chat messages and everything else they do on their cell phone would instantly let you find out
  • Are you employees  using their company phones appropriately?  Are they wasting company time, sharing company secrets or stealing?
  • Is your child using drugs or involved in criminal activity?  Are they hanging out with the “wrong crowd”?


And obviously mobile phone spying comes in handy in many other situations!  Anytime you need to find out what somebody is doing, this gives you the perfect way to find out without them ever knowing you’re watching them….

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mobile phone spying

This website is here for two primary reasons – to discuss the mobile phone spying industry and bring you reviews of mobile phone spying software to help you decide which one to use……

And right now there’s a clear winner when it comes to best phone monitoring software!   Spybubble is the best way to spy on a mobile phone and see everything that the person does on the phone.

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Some of the features of this program are:

- Read every text message, both the ones sent to and from the phone

- See complete logs of every phone call and see the name of the person on the other end

- Look at every photo or video taken with the phone

- See exactly where the phone is at any time.  You can look at a map (similar to google maps) and it will show you the location of the phone so you know where the person is at all times

- View any messages sent from applications like facebook or instant messaging

- Look at all web browsing history

And this can all be done without the person who owns the phone ever knowing that their phone is being monitored.   I you’re going to spy on a mobile phone, obviously you don’t want the person to know…..Spybubble makes that possible.

Mobile phone spying is the best way to get the answers you need in many different situations.  Think about how much people use their cell phone for and you can quickly imagine how much information you’ll find out!

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The installation is easy and the program works on any mobile phone model.  Whether it’s a Blackberry, Android phone, Iphone or other type of cell phone  – you’ll be able to look at the text messages and all other activity from the phone.


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